A Banging Hangover and a Big Hole in Your Bankroll? Don’t Play Poker When You’re Drunk!

If you are an online poker fan of online poker, you need to learn about your business and pleasure separate. As the good book tells us:

A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything.


Ecclesiastes 10: 18-20

Having a night on the town? Great. Just go straight to bed (alone or otherwise!) And leave gambling for another day 카지노사이트.


If you play poker for a living, count your lucky stars! What a lifestyle you have. So, you have a night off, enjoy it and really, really resist that temptation to just have half an hour when you’re in your cups.


If you are not a pro online poker player, and you treat poker relaxation, the rule is the same. When you’re too ‘relaxed’, your poker will suffer.

Is it a good player? Online casinos are probably more your thing. Just load up some dollars and watch them slowly disappear down the pan.


If you * must * play online poker when you’re drunk, sign up for some cheap sit and go tournaments and limit your liability. Who knows, you can get more than you started with! (Which is just as likely to happen if you choose a woman in the wrong kind of nightclub …)

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